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Hi, I'm Elanor!

Having found myself living in Bolton with my young son after a relationship breakup, with space to follow my own passions again, I wanted to somehow help the communities in the area build meaningful relationships with the green spaces on our doorstep.

As a parent myself, I wanted my children and their friends have the opportunity for positive nature connection, healthier relationships and optimal confidence/self-esteem. Having trained as a forest school leader in my former life, I knew that the transformative powers of forest school programmes – long term, holistic, learner- led – were what could make a positive difference to people’s lives. I knew that for positive change to be sustainable, families needed to be involved too.  

For children’s developmental needs to be understood and met, their wider communities – parents, schools, and beyond – needed to know first hand how supporting their young people to take risks, have autonomy, be creative, space to play, and lead their own learning to fulfill their own potential. Forest was the way to do it, and Little Bats was born.

A Little About Me

  • I’m personally am a member of the Forest School Association. I love everything the association stands for and am a passionate advocate for the Forest School ethos.
  • I am a fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs – having undertaken some serious study and putting myself firmly out of my comfort zone, attaining this was a huge achievement.
  • I’m an approved practitioner with the Therapeutic Forest and also a trained Peer Support Worker – which means I can help to train our much needed wonderful volunteers
  • On top of this I am a qualified Forest School Leader (level 3) – but all the qualifications mean nothing to the smiles from the children and families that I get the privilege to work with!

A Potted History

I have always had a passion for our planet and conservationism; I believe a love of our earth and the gifts it provides is literally running through my veins! This has been  demonstrated by my youth spent as a Greenpeace activist and 5 year career as a co-ordinator for a vital project leading education and sustainability initiatives through Eco-Schools. 

Being able to tackle complex issues and make them into something fun and manageable for our participants is a skill I am sure that I have formed from gaining my degree in Chinese, and when you combine it with my varied background in music, dance and leadership, you get an insight into how my busy brain works! Embracing life and all it has to offer is a privilege that I have really relished, and a principle that I want to instil in my own family and the wider community. 

Right now I am fully ensconced in building Little Bats Learning to be at the centre of the community and the go to resource for families in the Bolton area. I am totally committed to bringing the vision of our CIC to life. You’ll find me at every session interacting with the kids, learning at every opportunity and taking photos incessantly – documenting progress, capturing memories and cementing in the culture of love and inclusion.

Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world...

Roald Dahl


My World

When I am not busy with Forest School and removing random bugs from my pockets which have taken up refuge from the woodland, you will find me still outdoors! I love to spend time with my two boys, my partner Alun and our gorgeous rescue dogs. Fresh air, nature and family time are my ultimate therapy.


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