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What is really important to us here at Little Bats is that we do not force anything – we pride ourselves on letting whoever comes to our sessions be their true and authentic selves. We want to create a thriving community of people that really feel like they belong, and giving them the opportunity to embrace nature however is most beneficial for them. Here is just a snapshot of feedback we receive on a daily basis from our sessions. Some names are omitted because – well you know, privacy is to be respected! 

"I feel much better mentally after I’ve been to a class. I always dread coming, (as with doing most things due to my condition) but I push past it to come and I’m always glad that I’ve done that. The classes allow me to slow down and come back to the here and now. A bit like getting back to basics and not lost in a whirlwind. It’s relaxing to see the trees, hear the birds and of course, it’s lovely to have a cup of coffee made for me. The other women are nice too, and it’s nice to see other mums and feel that I have things in common with them. I think because it is in the forest, it feels less formal and creates a more relaxed atmosphere as well."

Stay & Play Parent

I have two children that come to little bats. Both my children and myself have benefitted from the sessions. All our mental health has improved and my youngest dexterity and vocabulary has improved. My childrens confidence has increased and the forest school now is our highlight of the week. When I asked my children what they liked most they both said the same 1. Like meeting new friends 2. Like doing the activities 3. Like being out in nature

HAF Programme Parent
"We love coming outdoors with Little Bats Learning as it's Fun, there's alot of friendly people and also lots of nature to explore in with our new friends and also being creative with nature too."

Marie, Volunteer & Parent

My children love how they can be free and learn at the same time. As for me I love how the children look forward to it every week and how the adults help the children to grow in their own way...

After School Club Parent
Learning new things. Making new friends. Enjoying the world around them. Spending time away from screens & technology. Burning off energy...


I get to see my friends and do art things. Clay stuff. And explore the forest. And hot chocolate.

Dolly, After School Club Attendee

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