Our Vision & Values


Our Vision

Our vision is to create an environment for people to flourish through the power of nature, play & connection.

We want to empower families to embrace what the outdoors can bring for their health & wellbeing, whilst building an inclusive community where everyone can build valuable life skills.

Our commitment is to enable local people in Bolton and the surrounding area to forge strong relationships where previously they may have been excluded.

Our Values

Respect & Trust

Respect for ourselves, our opinions, our beliefs & each other is of upmost importance. Our brand is underpinned by the strong value system of mutual respect with trust being at the heart of this.

Care & Community

We care deeply for every single person that we get the privilege of working with. Our sense of care extends to caring about our community, our society and our precious environment, so that we all have a wonderful space in which to enjoy our lives.

Connection & Inclusion

In a world where connection has become a privilege and too many people are excluded either through deprivation, digital poverty or mental health issues, we actively seek & look to forge strong connections to form long lasting relationships in the community.

Authenticity & Realism

We truly believe that we only become the best version of ourselves when we embrace authenticity and unshackle ourselves from the perception of who we should be.

Nature & Wellbeing

We believe that the power of nature is exponential on the health & wellbeing of society and we embrace all things nature as a core value in our organisation. Protecting our environment, teaching respect for the outdoors and encouraging interaction with nature is integral to this.

Integrity & Transparency

Our brand has integrity at its core - openness, honesty and transparency are the bedrock in which we base our entire brand.

Curiosity & Inclusion

Encouraging curiosity, participation, getting involved and being part of a community is the lifeblood of little bats and what we work tirelessly to provide.

Continuous Learning

We are committed to continuous learning in our CIC that encourages everyone to continue growing and learning so that we can offer the best Forest School provision in the local area.

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