Talking to your kids about climate change…

An article from our resident conservationist Alun Morris

Alun is one of our founding directors here at Little Bats, and a climate change activist. Find out more about Alun here…

Talking to your kids about climate change…

Climate change is a vital topic that impacts people of all ages. As adults, it’s our privilege and responsibility to help the younger generation understand this significant issue. Having a conversation about climate change with kids can be a delightful experience, and we’re here to guide you through it. Let’s explore some friendly and effective ways to talk about it:

  • Let’s Start with the Basics: You can kick off by saying, “Climate change is when our Earth’s weather gets a bit warmer, and it causes some tricky issues.”
  • Using Kid-Friendly Words: It is important to talk in a way that’s just right for the child and their age. No fancy words like “greenhouse gases” or “carbon emissions.”
  • Show Some Pictures!: Bring out some cool pictures, drawings, or even videos to help them see what’s happening. Like pictures of melting ice or wild weather.
  • Stories Time: If you’ve had some climate adventures, share those stories. Like that time someone had to leave home because of a flood. This can help to explain how events are linked to climate change.
  • Nature is Amazing!: Kids love nature, so if you chat about how awesome our planet is and why we need to look after it that can frame a brilliant conversation about climate change.
  • We Can Fix It: While talking about the problems, it is really important to also chat about what we can do to help. Stuff like using less stuff, using gadgets that don’t use too much energy, and planting trees.
  • Good News Stories: Sharing exciting stories about people, groups, and governments working together to fight climate change will make sure they know there’s hope!

  • What Do They Think?: It is really important to ask kids for their ideas. “What do you reckon we can do to help our planet?” This way, they’ll feel like they’re part of the team.

  • Their Worries Matter: Sometimes, kids might feel a bit scared about climate change. By listening to what they’re worried about and telling them their feelings are valid you can strengthen your relationship and alleviate worry. Demonstrate that by working together, we can all work to make things better.

  • Show the Way: Kids learn by seeing what we do, so being a great role model is so important. Showing them how to do cool eco-friendly stuff in their daily lives, like recycling and saving energy can make a huge difference – and make the issue of tackling climate change fun!

  • Think Like Detectives: As your kids grow, encourage them to be like detectives. Encourage them to ask questions, check where info comes from, and form their own ideas about climate change.

  • Stay Positive!: Be mindful of  balancing the serious stuff with a big dose of hope. Kids get more interested when they feel positive about the future.

  • Connect to Their Interests: If kids love animals, chat about how climate change affects wildlife. If they’re into tech, you can talk about cool inventions to help the planet.

  • Awesome Learning Tools: Use as many resources as you can. Use books, websites, and shows specially made for kids to help them learn even more.

  • Earth Day Fun: Earth Day is like a birthday for our planet! We can join in and celebrate by doing fun things that help our world – this is a great way to educate ourselves as well as our kids.

Talking to your kids about climate change…

Chatting with kids about climate change is all about being friendly and understanding. By using simple words, cool pictures, and showing them the amazing things people are doing, we can really inspire the next generation to be eco-superheroes and protect our planet. This is one of the guiding values of Little Bats Learning Forest School – why not come and join us for a session to find out more?

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